A Letter To Next Years Freshmen.

Dear Class of 2021,

If you’re going into Accelerated English I, get all your work turned in when they’re due. No matter how pointless you think the assignments are that are given, it will affect your grade dramatically. Regardless of what you think, whether if you’re thinking it will benefit you later in your life, you still have to do the work so you get the grade you want. I’ll admit, a lot of the work in Accelerated English I, is very easy. I was just too lazy to do the work. Although I understand the material, the work you do still counts for a grade, because of this, my final grade for Accelerated English I is a D. I thought that none of what I was being taught would benefit me for the near future, but in all technicality, it does. Colleges and boarding school are going to be looking at my grades. Even if I know what is being taught, my grade in here definitely doesn’t show it. Don’t rely on passing exams to move on to the next grade. Make sure that your work you hand in is outstanding and make sure they’re turned in on time. Don’t slack off.


I am more than you think. When you see me, you see an old, out of place, disgusting little thing. I’m here to tell you now that I am more than what you perceive me as. I can be beautiful if you’re willing to look past what I am and see what I can be. I can be your inspiration to your work, I can be as graceful as a white swan in a sea of black swans, and I can be everything you fear. I can hurt you if you don’t handle me with the proper care. I want to be something that’s beautiful to you instead of being just… the odd one out. I don’t look as clean as the nicer looking metals, but you’ll notice me in the group because I’m different. Being different is better than being normal because.. who really wants to be normal?

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Activity 9 Week 7

There’s many advantages and disadvantages to connecting to the outside world via the internet. For one, you can connect to colleges, connect with family, and to research on a topic you desire. There’s definitely many more advantages but there has to be a downside to the internet. Giving out your personal information can lead people to your address and the worst could happen to you. You could be kidnapped and sold on the black market online. Although it is illegal, many families have lost relatives due to things such as being careless on the internet. The world is a dangerous place and the internet can help the mental people pursue their uncanny desires. The internet can be used to help your future or can ultimately end it very quickly. You always have to protect your personal information from the internet because once it’s on the internet, it’s there forever. Be careful what you put out for the world to see.

My Family..

I’d prefer not to talk about my family. All you need to know is that I’m the oldest of eight soon to be nine, I live with my biological father, his girlfriend, two of my other siblings, and my mom is no longer in my life. The reason why I’m not going into detail about who is in my family is because I’m just uncomfortable with it. It hurts my heart too much just to talk about who’s even in my family and who’s not. The reason why I’m in school is to be successful in life. I’m in school because I want to make a lot of money in the future, to go to college out of state to get as far away from my dad as I can. I ended up moving out of my dad’s house because we argued way too much. He’s a very smart person but I just hate the fact that I can’t carry out a simple conversation with him without being yelled at. Anyways, I’m in school so I can do what I got to do to be successful, not for school to be my diary. You do not need to know about my family.


Hey guys, I’m Khao. I love to do a lot of extracurricular activities such as football, track, and wrestling. I’ve been doing sports since I was four, I am fourteen now. I’ve been playing a violin since the sixth grade and I am now auditioning for the Youth Philharmonic of Central Ohio Orchestra. I am the oldest sibling of six and my mom and dad has me when they were sixteen. I rarely see all my siblings and I live with a dysfunctional family. Some say this is bad for me but I see it as motivation. Motivation to want more out of my life and to set the example for all my siblings. This summer I will be going to open tournaments all around Ohio and I’ll be taking college courses. I am a Freshmen of Franklin Heights High School.  If you’d like to know more about me, just send me a message and we can go from there and I encourage you to stay tuned into all my blogs that I’ll be making this year. Be sure to read my “About Me” post to the left 🙂